Hi Everyone!

My name is Ashley Potter, I’m 22 and a recent graduate of WOU (class of 2012 whoop whoop!) where I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology and am working towards my Masters of Science in Education with my focus area being Physical Education. I’ve been involved in athletics and competing since I was 7 years old in various sports from gymnastics to track and field. My love and involvement with sport has led me to work towards becoming an academic advisor for college athletes.


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  1. I like this article you previewed this week on social networking for under grads. It has broadened my view of social networking. I am somewhat of a hold out in embracing the digital age of social networking. I currently do not use social networks in my personal life, mainly because I do not feel like I have the time to put into it. However, in taking this class I am having my views changed. I agree with what the article said in using social networking in under graduate classes. When I took my under grad classes years ago, there was no way in which to share ideas, collaborate with other students or get input about classes. The sense of community was on a small scale of other students within my classes. I can see specific benefits in using social network in being able to have questions about classes answered on the spot or quickly instead of waiting until the classes meet again. The professor’s time can be freed up when others can answers questions in a digital format. All knowledge can be exchanged across the board rather than just with a small, given number of students. It is something which can happen 24/7 allowing for continued learning to progress. New perspectives from life experiences can also be shared and acknowledged, both from young, and the not so young students. And having the world open to students as they acquire knowledge is truly a great and wonderful process. I was also not aware of Ning but need to look into this some more. Thanks for previewing this article! Jan

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