Week 3: Creative Common Resources

Creative Common Resources

  1. Internet Archive’s Moving Images
    1. Library of free movies, films and videos available to download where most are licensed with Creative Commons Licenses so one can show in classrooms for learning purposes. NETS standard: Model Digital age work and learning.
    2. http://archive.org/details/movies
  2. WikiMedia Commons
    1. Freely-licensed media content for educational purposes as well as public domain content available to everyone. Teachers can search by topic to find files relating to almost anything possible. NETS standard: Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility.
    2. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page
  3. Community Audio
    1. Thousands of audio files that have been uploaded by members to share with others. Contains Creative Commons Licensing and can be shown to students or used to enhance lectures and activities. NETS standard:
    2. http://archive.org/details/opensource_audio
  4. StockVault
    1. This website has free photos of just about everything that are uploaded by designers and photographers for non-commercial use. NETS standard: Model digital age work and learning.
    2. http://stockvault.net/
  5. Collaborize Classroom
    1. Similar to the Creative Commons website, It is a place where teachers can download and share lesson plans and engage in what if effective in their classroom. NETS standard: Design and develop digital age learning.
    2. http://library.collaborizeclassroom.com/
  6. Read Write Think
    1. This website is full of lesson plans and Instuctions for teachers. These range from k-12 in the major subject areas.  NETS standard: engage in professional growth and leadership.
    2. http://www.readwritethink.org/
  7. CCmixer
    1. This website allows people to mix audio and video files to create movies and soundtracks and also has free music for commercial use as well. NETS standard: facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity.
    2. http://dig.ccmixter.org/
  8. Literacy Shed
    1. A collection of resources and ideas collected over the years of a current school teacher. This website has categories from images and fun to poetry and  inspiration for teachers to pull ideas from for their classroom. NETS standard: Engage in professional growth and leadership.
    2. http://www.literacyshed.com/the-inspiration-shed.html
  9. CyQuiz
    1. This website houses many different types of interactive games and activities and also allows teachers to make their own quizzes and interactive games for students. NETS standard: facilitate and inspire student learning and activity.
    2. http://www.cyquiz.com/
  10. Wylio
    1. This search engine is full of images and only uses ones with creative commons licensing which makes it easy for teachers and students to find images for their work that are legal and available to use freely. NETS standard: Model digital age work and learning.
    2. http://www.wylio.com/

One thought on “Week 3: Creative Common Resources

  1. Ashley,

    I had a couple of the same resources as you did for this week, but I am astonished in looking at everyone’s posts just how much variety there is out there for use in the classroom. I appreciate the inclusion of the photo websites, as I am always looking for new places to direct my students other than Flickr. I had just cleared my browser’s history and cache just an hour or two earlier today, and I wasn’t terribly fond of the “idate Asia” ads that popped up on the site, and would want to monitor what pops up with students. However, I noticed that, after clicking through two or three different images, the ads were now for Canon EOS cameras, buying stock photos online and National Geographic Image Library. Sorry, that was just a side observation, though it does speak to the privacy and security discussions we had during the first two weeks of the term.

    I am very interested to look further into Collaborize Classroom. I’ve only begun poking around, but it seems like there will be some great ideas and useful resources for lesson planning. I like that there are so many different ways you can search – grade level, content area and resource type. Thank you for introducing a new site that could be extremely helpful in generating ideas.

    And, by the way…ReadWriteThink is AWESOME! I use it regularly in my classroom!



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