Copyright laws were never something I knew much about or paid much attention to. From what I knew, copyright laws were in place to protect the original work of artists and authors from being wrongly copied. The video on fair use was refreshing and educational for someone like me who knew little about copyright laws and what they entailed. Doing something for the greater good of society (example of that being teaching) your needs overwrite the owner’s of the material. This is due to the fact that copyright laws are also in place to help “promote the progress of science and arts” (Sandra Day O’Connor).

Larry Lessig’s argument was valid and powerful. It is time we rethink some of these copyright laws and think less about protecting the original work and more about promoting creativity and recreation of work.

Something that caught my attention from this week’s information was the Creative Commons website. I had no idea that something like this existed. It is a go to place for teachers where they can share and find hundreds upon hundreds of different material to use in the classroom. It allows one to ease away from worrying copyright laws by agreeing to a one time terms and conditions contract at the beginning of set up. If I were to have my own classroom, I would use Creative Commons to help with making lesson plans and also to get ideas on how to engage students into the material. Being able to access a huge amount of information in one easy area without having to worry about copyright laws and limitations would save a huge amount of time. You are able to browse and work freely without worry about pirating material or doing something illegal.


2 thoughts on “Copyright/CC

  1. Ashley,
    I, like you, never really paid too much attention to copyright laws outside my general understanding that they were to protect the creative works of others from being wrongly or unlawfully used. This week’s material on copyright law was very informative. There was a part of me that felt a little perplexed after watching all the videos and attempting to determine the difference between creative common, public domain and fair use.

    I agree with you that Larry Lessig’s argument was valid and powerful. We do need to take a look at the copyright laws and make sure that they are current and relevant in their application in today’s age of technology. Like everything else things need to be adaptive if we are to advance. I don’t know that I agree that we should consider copyright less important than promoting creativity. But you are correct that we should rethink these copyright laws and their application.

    As an author of creative works there are those that I am happy to share and then there are those that I do not wish to share. This is why I believe that creative commons is so important. It is like the bridge between the copyright laws and the new technology age. With creative commons we reserve the right to choose what and how we would like to share.

  2. Hi Ashley,
    I also enjoyed the fact that as teachers we are able to use material when using ‘for the greater good.’ It’s simply not feasible to expect us to get written permission to use a song or refer to a book in class. I cannot imagine the amount of time that would take! Education has always been highly valued in our society (even if it doesn’t feel like it lately) so I’m glad that that copyright laws have kept that tenet intact.
    It’s natural for humans to be influenced and inspired by each other and I agree with you that copyright laws should promote those ideals. You know the old saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, that is true for creating art of all forms as well.

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